Craig Burt is a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor in Ascension Parish.

About the Instructor

Craig Burt is a Brazilian Jiu jitsu black belt, with over 20 years of constant teaching, training, sparring, and coaching of MMA fighters and students.

After two years of JKD training and a few Pancrase style matches he moved to Austin, Tx in 2000.

Throughout the 10 years that Craig lived in Austin, he trained BJJ and MMA. Also, he competed in the Machado, NAGA, and IBJJF tournaments. After living in Texas for nearly 13 years, he decided to move back to St. Amant, LA.

Currently, Craig Burt is a Black Belt under Ralph Gracie and is Ranked in Master 3 and 4 for

USJA Judo Brown Belt and Certified Judo Coach

Competition Record

  • 1997 Florida Submission League Pancrase Orlando - 1 Win
  • 1998 Pancrase Kissimmee - 1 Loss
  • 2002 Carlos Machado Texas State Championship – 1st Place Beginner Heavy
  • 2005 Carlos Machado Texas State Championship – Competitor Blue Belt Heavy
  • 2007 Texas State Championship – Competitor Purple Belt Medium Heavy
  • 2008 NAGA - 2nd and 3rd Place Dallas
  • 2014 IBJJF Dallas Championship – 1st Black Belt Master 3, 3rd Place Open Division Heavy
  • 2015 IBJJF Austin International Open - 1st Place Master 4

Students’ Competition Results